About Metap

As the popularity of online gambling continues to explode, it’s more important than ever that you arm yourself with the most up to date and impartial information you can get your hands on. We founded Metap to help guide players through the huge range of online casino offers out there, with a particular focus on the business side of the game.

If you’re ready to take your knowledge of the industry to the next level, you’ve come to the right place! We cover all aspects of modern online casinos including the software that powers them, the type of payouts you can expect, detailed guides to casino affiliate offers and much more. Take our comprehensive guides as a starting point and you’ll soon be up to speed with a wealth of information that will transform you into an industry insider.

Here’s a quick overview of the subjects we cover.

Staying Safe When Gambling

At Metap we are strong advocates of responsible gambling and we know that security is a key point of concern for most gamblers. You’ll find excellent overviews of what to look for in your online casino account throughout our site, along with solid criteria you can use to judge individual providers. Stick to our sensible guidelines and you’ll be more than prepared to choose the right provider and avoid falling prey to unscrupulous operations.

Bonuses And Special Offers

The world of online casinos is an incredibly competitive one and you’ll find a dizzying array of tempting offers put in front of you by casinos desperate for your business.

Our bonus guides break down all the options and help you find the best deposit and non-deposit bonuses available. We’ll also help you navigate the maze of terms and conditions that are often attached and understand critical concepts such as playthrough terms.

Account Funding And Withdrawals

The amount of account funding options available to players has expanded significantly in the last five years and we cover a full range of options in detail ranging from funding your account via PayPal to using more exotic solutions such as Bitcoin . Our detailed guides will walk you through the pros and cons of different solutions and help you build up a portfolio of account funding methods to get the most out of your gambling.

Understanding Casino Technology

Though the amount of online casinos has ballooned over the last decade, they’re typically powered by a relatively small group of casino software providers who provide the underlying technology.

We’ve put together detailed guides to the leading software providers to help you distinguish between different casinos and you’ll discover all you need to know about companies such as Microgaming , Betsoft , TRG and Playtech .

Running Your Own Online Casino

As your knowledge of the mechanics of online casinos increases, you may well be tempted to kick things up a notch by actually trying to run your own online casino.

Previously the preserve of those with enormous wealth, running an online casino is now an option for all. Our detailed guides will walk you through the options available to get started and fill you in on everything you need to know about complex issues such as legislative environments , casino software and the wider technological landscape, running customer support, managing payment gateways and much more.

Becoming An Online Casino Affiliate

Sharing your passion with others can be a lucrative path to follow if you sign up as an online affiliate. Casinos offer extremely attractive affiliate programs that you can leverage to create a stable source of ongoing revenue for yourself over time. We’ll give you all the tools and information you need to get started as an affiliate and guide you in becoming a successful affiliate.