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Playtech is one of the leading technological firms in the online gambling space and markets itself as the world’s largest supplier of online gaming and sports betting software. Founded in 1999, Playtech has been responsible for several landmark firsts during their existence – the first European casino to shift online was powered by their platform and they've led the charge with live casino gaming over the last number of years.

List of Playtech Online Casinos

Playtechs’ approach is to provide an intelligently designed, multi-platform offering that's perfect for today's multi-device world . It gives players the ability to seamlessly use one account across a full range of supported devices. For example, they can  start a game inside a land-based casino, continue on their mobile device as they leave, and finally complete the game on their own computers at home should they choose. It's precisely this level of adaptability and customization that's resulted in Playtech software powering more casinos worldwide than any other provider.

That success has been reflected in Playtech's financial performance. The company employs over 3,500 people and is rare amongst casino software suppliers in being publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange and being a member of the FTSE 250 Index which provides a level of corporate oversight and transparency few others in the industry can match.

Online casinos are typically run by major gambling concerns such as Ladbrokes but they rarely provide their own technical solutions for implementing games. Although each casino will differ in appearance with branding and graphics and so on depending on the operator’s requirements, the games themselves – the user interface and the chat systems etc. – are more or less the same for all online casinos running on a specific software.

Playtech is widely known for its innovative iPoker platform which enables players to interact and play games together regardless of which casino operator they are using – the same tables are offered through all providers who offer the games. In July 2013, to further leverage this popular service, Playtech bought Poker Strategy (then the world’s largest Poker community) which gave them direct access to over seven million dedicated poker players.

3 Benefits Of Playtech Sites

Playtech are not just the largest gambling software provider out there, they are also highly popular with players. Here's a quick breakdown of three of the top benefits Playtech sites offer players:

  1. Cross Platform Compatibility: This may seem relatively trivial to some, but it's increasingly a deal breaker for many as multi-device environments become the norm. We all have a shortage of spare time and the ability to play games on mobile devices has allowed us to maximize our downtime and do something enjoyable, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Being able to seamlessly move across devices is an incredibly friction-free way of getting in a bit of gameplay on the move. Playtech is pretty much the only platform provider that lets you carry this out with ease.
  2. iPoker network: Playtech's iPoker offering has been a huge hit worldwide and provides a complete poker game solution which individual operators can easily skin to match their own branding. One of the main attractions of this for players is that the functionality and interface elements remain the same regardless of which provider you actually sign up with. Also, all players are pooled which leads to a wider and more interesting player pool, means you don't have to be with the same provider as your friends to play against them, and drives higher tournament prizes.
  3. Live Casino Games: Playtech can't claim to be the first to offer live game solutions but they've certainly mastered the technology better than most. They offer a broad range of live casino games including roulette, blackjack and baccarat that have proved to be incredibly popular with players and all offer something different to the traditional online gaming experience. These live games bring the real casino experience (including the lower house edge that goes with it) to players wherever they are, and is certainly a much more immersive experience from what we've come to accept in online gaming.

3 Disadvantages Of Playtech Sites

Though Playtech offer many of the most immersive and entertaining gaming solutions around, they're not always perfect. Players can run into issues from time to time. Here's a quick rundown of the main three you might face:

  1. Downloading software: There can be occasional issues with downloading particular versions of Playtech software if you're struggling with an intermittent or slow connection. This is more a function of your internet provider and hardware but you will need a decent setup overall to get the most out of Playtech games.

  2. Limited banking options: Compared to competitors, the banking functionality of the platform leaves a little to be desired sometimes and players have fewer options in terms of managing payouts and other aspects of lodging and withdrawal. This isn't to say there are problems in this area in terms of reliability or security, far from it, but other platforms will sometimes give gamblers a broader range of options.

  3. Autoplay: This is something of a niche feature but it's worth pointing out that the Playtech autoplay feature doesn't work quite like some variants you may be more familiar with. Normally, setting your parameters and engaging autoplay means the software will stop playing before a given event. Playtech’s system however, stops after an event, and this change, whilst minor, can lead to a significant change in how much money the player is wagering so bear it in mind.

Iron Man slots at Playtech online casinos

Unique Games In Playtech Casinos

Playtech offer a number of unique titles that have resonated with players over the years and they're often what make players go with a particular casino. Here's a list of some of the most popular options:

  1. Tequila Poker: This is a slightly unusual game that takes a bit of getting used to, but once you're over the initial learning curve it's an incredibly compelling option. The game starts with four cards being dealt to the player, at which point the player has a choice to play Tequila Poker or High Tequila with the hand. This decision is followed by the drawing of a further two cards. High Tequila is a simple card total game, with the player winning if the total for all six cards is 46 or higher. With Tequila Poker, the object is to construct one of the ranked poker hands marked on the table.
  2. Iron Man video slot: This is a licensed game which boasts some truly outstanding graphics to go along with its engaging gameplay. It includes intricate bonus games, and typical respin options you'd associate with most modern online slot games. Iron Man has a variable play cost ranging from 25p to £250 per spin with associated jackpot and win chances at every price point.
  3. The Incredible Hulk Slot: This is another Marvel-licensed game which is similar to Iron Man but offers arguably even more impressive graphics. The gameplay is top notch and if you're a fan of immersive slots, this one is hard to overlook.

Playing roulette at Playtech online casinos

Playtech's Biggest Competitors

Playtech have a good claim to be the most successful provider of gambling software in the industry, but they're far from the only company specialising in this area. Here's a quick list of some of the other major players in this space:

  • Microgaming casinos are an alternative to NetEtnt online casinos Microgaming : The oldest software supplier in the industry and famed for its sheer range of available titles, Microgaming has also secured significant licenses for its games over the years with breakout hits such as Jurassic Park being extremely popular with gamers worldwide. They also offer a range of progressive jackpots that have seen some huge wins and are major players in the online Bingo genre as well.

  • Realtime Gaming are a competitor to Playtech online casinos Real Time Gaming : RTG offer a wealth of gaming options and provide well over 100 games with a range of cutting-edge and traditional casino games to suit every taste. TRG is perhaps best known for the generous bonus features on many of their titles and the availability of the platform in areas of the United States.

  • Crytologic casinos offer a full range of casino games Cryptologic : Cryptologic are a direct competitor of Microgaming and offer some of the most technologically advanced and innovative software solutions around. They're haven't made as many strides in the market as some of their competitors but their focus on Vegas-style virtual lobbies and licensing deals with companies such as Marvel have boosted their slots business in particular.

Incredible Hulk online slots at Playtech online casinos

Advice For Using Playtech Online Casinos

The key with getting the most out of Playtech casinos – as with all online casinos – is having a clear picture of both the games on offer and the bonus options available before you start playing.

In terms of bonuses, you can expect to find the usual mix of welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses and ongoing promotions and special offers available. Be careful that you're not seduced by some of the numbers quoted with these offers – the devil is usually in the details of the attached terms and conditions. A tempting looking deposit bonus may not really be so attractive once you factor in the play-through requirements for example.

You'll also want to make sure payout rates are conforming to standard industry norms. You're well covered with Playtech casinos in particular in this regard as their Random Number Generators and the range of live dealer games on offer bring the overall house edge very near to what you'd expect to be dealing with in a land-based casino.

As with any other online casino, when you're weighing up the pros and cons of a particular Playtech casino, be sure to have a good look around at their general online reputation and make sure that a full range of customer support options and account funding options are available.


With its innovative range of games, especially the live versions, and the largest choice of casino operators in the industry, Playtech bring cutting-edge graphics, gaming fun, and industry-leading levels of security and stability to the virtual table. Playtech's support for seamless, cross-platform play across every type of device from mobile to desktop and both on and offline, is truly innovative and a massive benefit to the average gambler. The number of massive progressive jackpots on offer is also a major attraction.

Put all those factors together and you've got a complete gambling solution that's perfect for players of all experience levels and you can normally take it for granted that a Playtech casino will be a solid choice when you're trying to decide between options. Good luck out there on the tables!

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